Seniors & College Info

  • Questions? Please e-mail Ms. Skovronski at
    Attached is a useful document for those looking for colleges: College Admissions Requirements (especially for Delaware colleges).
    Seniors will also be required to submit a Senior Brag Sheet to their counselors. The counselor uses this information to write any letters of recommendation for a job or college or scholarship.
    The "Senior College Planning Calendar" lists a monthly to-do list for seniors for the year. Many seniors are overwhelmed if they do not follow this calendar starting in August.
    College Application Week is Oct. 19-23, 2020. Here is the schedule of workshops.
     College Application Week Workshops
    If students want a transcript sent anywhere, they need to use the NHS Transcript Request Form or request one through Xello. This is not necessary for colleges that are on Common App or the Coalition App or Send Edu, since they will be submitted electronically.
    Fee waivers for SAT or ACT tests  for students on the free or reduced lunch program can be obtained from your counselor if you qualify.
    During the year, college representatives come to visit our school and talk about their colleges.Contact Ms. Skovronski with questions about this. Students can sign up for the Activity Block called "College Visits" to participate in weekly visits with reps.
    Check out Financial Aid TV This website takes you to Del-Tech’s Financial Aid TV. There is all sorts of help and information available on this website and it looks very user-friendly and like it will be interesting to teenagers. All clips are only 60 – 90 seconds.
    FAFSA Opens October 1
    • Encourage your seniors/parents to complete their FAFSA as early as possible. UD's deadline for FAFSA is Jan. 15.
    • A pin is needed for electronic signatures – one for the parent and one for the student:
    Remind students to check their email or portal that they used for college applications!
    • If anything is missing or colleges need more information, they will use the student’s email provided in the applications – many students never check their e-mail or portal!