NHS Music Exploration Class

  • This class takes students on a musical journey of discovery, exploring the components of music and how it is created. Through the path to understanding, students will utilize technology as a tool to reach the destination. The course will offer students the opportunity to create music through improvisation and composition, using traditional and synthesized instruments. Students will also use music to enhance multi-media presentations.

    • Creativity offers limitless possibilities. 
    • Demonstrating creativity is the highest form of thinking and learning.
      (Bloom’s Taxonomy)

    Our goal is to provide an ensemble experience and creative process for students that would foster continued engagement in musical activities outside the classroom and promote life-long learning in music.  The process should incorporate social interactions and differentiated instruction into the music learning experience.

    Meeting the National Content Standards in Music Education (revised)

    • Performing—as musicians
    • Creating—as composers
    • Responding—as critical listeners
    • 21st century skills—using critical thinking, problem solving, engagement

    Ms. Rosaria Macera is the Orchestra Director and String Specialist at Shue-Medill Middle School and Newark High School.  As a professional orchestral violinist, she performs regularly with the Delaware Symphony. She received a Bachelor of Music degree in violin performance from the New School of Music Conservatory (Philadelphia) and a Master of Music degree in conducting from the University of Delaware, where she continues her post-graduate studies.  In 2005, Ms. Macera became a National Board Certified Teacher and currently serves as Christina District Music Chair.

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