• Reopening Plan Phases 

  • Various factors will be considered to make a decision to move from one learning approach to another. The health of our students and staff is of primary importance in the decision-making process, and any decision will be made with up-to-date information and guidance from the Governor and DDOE.

  • Phase 1  - Remote Learning begins Tuesday, September 8

    Remote Learning begins Tuesday, September 8

    All students will begin the school year on September 8, with remote learning for the first six weeks. To support remote learning, our goal is to provide a device for every student and we will work to ensure that all families have access to the internet. The district is considering plans for families to opt into remote learning for the semester (year) even if we transition into hybrid learning. More information regarding this coming soon.

  • Phase 2 - Phased Reopening

    Phased Reopening

    We will phase in a hybrid learning environment for specific grade levels/programs, for families that choose in-person learning.  This phase will be clearly articulated during Phase I and will be based on prioritizing grade level and programs with the greatest need for in person learning. In this scenario, families that wish to keep students home would be provided with remote learning support.

  • Phase 3 - In-School Learning

    In-School Learning

    All students will return to campus, full time. Families that wish to keep students home may be provided with a remote learning option. The district will provide more information as it becomes available.