• Operations & Services: Facilities

    • woman-using-antiseptic-gel-prevent-spread-germs-.jpg All students will be assigned a designated seat to utilize while in school.

    • All classrooms will follow a sanitation routine before and after lunch and at the end of each school day.

    • Restrooms will be cleaned frequently throughout the day.

    • High touch areas/surfaces will also be cleaned throughout the day. 

    Additional Information:

    • Filters - All filters in our HVAC equipment have been changed.  Filters were converted to linked type or continuous filters in our HVAC equipment to increase their efficiency.

    • Fresh Air - The outdoor air dampers on our HVAC equipment have been opened/set to allow for the optimal amount of fresh air into our buildings for promoting a healthy work environment.

    • Supplemental Air Purification - HEPA air purification units have been supplied to Brennen School, DAP related classrooms, REACH related classrooms, Nurses stations, and Main Offices in each school.  Schools have been supplied with portable HEPA air purification units to be deployed if a potential positive case is identified in one of our buildings.

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