Ted Robertson

  • My name is Mr. Robertson and I am the Family Crisis Therapist for the K-5 Early Intervention Program here at Oberle Elementary School. The program provides supports for students and their family in the form of individual and group counseling in the school, classroom intervention in the school and supports and resources for students and the family in the home and community including family counseling. This is a year round program and supports will continue to be provided over the summer months as well.
    If you are interested in participating in the K-5 Early Intervention Program you can reach me at Oberle (302) 834-5910 or on my cell phone (302) 893-1381.

    Thank you, and I am looking forward to having a continued positive impact with Oberle's students and families!!

    Don't forget to check the Triple P Corner (Positive Parenting) page for Tip Sheets!!!