Kristina MacBury

  • At Sarah Pyle Academy we use true, meaningful, strategic, deliberate, authentic and customized “Integrated Classroom Technology Practices” to insure the expectation of meeting the needs of ALL students in an equitable and personalized learning environment.

    We are committed to deliver on the promise to guide each student toward high school graduation prepared for “Life after SPA.”

    My Leadership Team and Staff are HYPER-FOCUSED on continuous growth and progress for ALL of our students. This focus is achieved through:

    1- fidelity to unique Personalized Learning Planning (PLP) process that leverages
    student strengths, obstacles, interests, personal goals with setting student’s
    academic goals

    2- alignment of monitoring practices for staff and students to the PLP process.

    SPA is resource that provides more than a degree for our students, it provides equity to all of our students and a chance at a future for many that had given up, as you will read in our testimonials. Our student-centered approach is the core of our success, combined with the integrity of our staff to our SPA model and to maximizing student achievement outcomes
    for our students.

    SPA students need to give THEIR BEST every day, period. We meet them there and find out how their BEST aligns with the tools we have to access their education BEST. Our students achieve mastery at 80% Mastery or Higher for credit. We have no Failures, No-ONE FAILS at SPA- we only have First Attempts At Learning. Once our students realize this, and work at persistence, and once again BELIEVE in themselves.... Well, let them tell you. Make sure to check out our student and parent testimonials.

    If you believe your learner can achieve more... contact your school administrator or counselor to fill out a referral NOW and we will be in touch soon!

    Always my best,

    Kristina MacBury