Delaware Autism Program Respite Care

  • The Delaware Autism Program (DAP) offers respite as a short or medium term, planned break for the care of children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). At times, some children and adolescents with ASD require more supervision than their peers due to their individual needs. Respite provides support to families allowing them to participate in activities involving other family members, doctor’s appointments, business meetings, school meetings, and other such activities.   

    Respite places children or adolescents with ASD in the temporary care of a qualified provider. It can entail a short break for an hour or two and extend up to several days in succession. Respite is not intended to replace or support long-term care, or regularly scheduled services such as before or after school care. 

    For more information on respite care, visit the Delaware Department of Education (DOE)website. 

    Working Groups

    Additionally, led by the Delaware DOE, working groups recently met and made recommendations on the future of the program and the services offered to Delaware families. Working group information, meeting minutes and audio is available on the Delaware DOE website.