• Newark High School is excited to continue our process of our ELA curriculum adoption by asking for community input.  The Curriculum Adoption Steering Committee consisted of a diverse group of educators.  Members represented ELA Content Chair Members, ELA Teachers grades 9-12, Building Administrators, District Special Education Instructional Coaches, District ELL Instructional Coaches, and ELA Curriculum Specialists.  The ELA Curriculum Committee has chosen two programs to review and pilot.  Each program was carefully evaluated using DOE recommendations and analysis of EdReports and Louisiana Believes reviews.


    Please review the process here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TqP9L_AEgdlsjZW-lRBFVpi0m0xQkv3p


    The two finalists: Into Literature (2020) and My Perspectives (2017) 





    Parents/guardians, community members, and other interested parties are welcome and encouraged to explore both of these curriculums and to provide feedback via the Google document link or a direct email. In addition to your valuable feedback, NHS educators will be piloting both sets of materials. It is our intent to make a final recommendation for purchase in March/April.


    To provide input via the Google Doc please click on the following link: https://forms.gle/EJB3XbMzQEqNL91bA


    To provide input via email please send your message to: CAROL.RALPH@christina.k12.de.us