• Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

    Quote from Richard L. Gregg after the 2020 Referendum Passed

  • On June 9, residents of the Christina School District were asked to vote on four proposals to help our District retain, rebuild and restore programs, services, facilities, and staff positions. CSD is committed to finding solutions that best serve our students and community. The capital and operating referendum will help with major building renovations, new learning environments, day-to-day operations including funding for students, instructional materials, teaching and support staff positions and benefits.

  • Quote from Christina School District Board President after a successful referendum

  • Retain

    Retain teaching and school support staff positions. Increase funding for students, school instructional budgets for books, classroom supplies and materials

  • rebuild

    Rebuild new learning environments and major building systems to better serve our students and support school safety and security initiatives with input from community

  • Restore.

    Restore partnerships with staff, parents and the community. Address critical maintenance and facilities improvement needs and renovate key instructional areas

  • FAST FACT: Outstanding public schools translate into higher property values for homeowners

  • Tax Impact

    For the average home in our school district, taxpayers are being asked to invest less than a dollar a day to be phased in over three years (29₵, 5₵, 5₵). The average assessed property value in our district is less than $65K. Learn more.

  • Retain. Rebuild. Restore. Working together to create change.