• Guiding Principles of the Hybrid Return to School

  • Hybrid learning concept

    The Christina School District is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our students and staff.  Our Hybrid plan may be executed when we are in the Yellow or Green Phase based on the gating criteria established by the Delaware Department of Public Health (DPH) and the Governor’s Office for our local area.  We recognize that transitions between Full Remote, Hybrid and Full In-Person can cause anxiety for our students, our staff and our families.  We will do our best to minimize the number of transitions and ask our families to please help us by showing patience and grace as we all work through this very complex time in our History.

    The Christina School District hybrid plan for returning to school allows for a reduced number of students in school buildings and classrooms while providing a combination of in-person and remote learning. The District will continue to work closely with state and local officials when making and adjusting decisions on behalf of reopening our schools.

    In-Person Instruction + Remote Learning

    Hybrid students will be phased into their assigned schools for in-person instruction 2 days a week, for example, Monday and Tuesday OR Thursday and Friday.  Teachers will create Zoom links and present all lessons synchronously and face to face so students who are not in-person can continue to learn.  This provides four days of instruction plus a flexible learning day on Wednesday. 

    Wednesday will be a day where we deep clean our buildings between Cohorts (hybrid groups).  Wednesday will also be a day for additional synchronous instruction with Zoom links for whole group and small group instruction.  This may include reading or math support and special education services.  Students who attend special programs may be assigned to in-person instruction more than 2 days a week.

    Cohorts (Hybrid Groups)

    Students will be assigned to a cohort.  

    • Hybrid Cohort A 
    • Hybrid Cohort B

    Efforts will be made to ensure alignment of households/siblings when assigning students for the hybrid return.   Schools will notify families of their student's assigned cohort before school reopens. 

    Schools will notify families of their student's assigned cohort before school reopens.

  • Delaware Department of Education Requirements

    On July 15, 2020, Secretary of Education Susan Bunting released the state’s guidance for reopening schools for the 2020-21 academic year. This guidance was developed with the help of Delaware’s COVID-19 School Reopening Working Groups to support districts and charter schools as they design plans for the upcoming school year. Districts and charters will implement their plans based on the scenario that aligns with current health conditions, understanding there may be some regional variability. The sat

    DOE School Reopening Phases