• SPA Wilmington Campus SPA Wilmington Campus

    Welcome to the SPA Wilmington Campus!

    Located in the Shipyard Shops on the Wilmington Riverfront, SPA Wilmington will offer Christina School District students from Wlimington local access to our award winning dropout prevention program, and with a beautiful view of the Christina River! Construction is underway and the new building is expected to open in the Fall. Stay tuned to this page for updates!


    The SPA Wilmington Campus is in the process of reaching out to local businesses and community organizations in the hopes of developing partnerships to offer work, internship, and mentoring experiences to help our students develop essential skills for their Life After SPA.  


    Our goal is to offer our students the opportunities they need for academic and personal success in their local community, while giving back to that community through outreach, volunteering, and providing work ready students for local businesses both in the nearby Shipyard Shops, and beyond.


    For more information, or if you are interested in partnering with SPA Wilmington, please reach out to our Dean of Students, Tami-Marie Gerber, or our school counselor, Amanda Applegate, using the emails listed below.