Graduation Requirements

  • Graduation Requirements
    • English: 4 credits
    • Mathematics: 4 credits*
    • Science: 3 credits
    • Social Studies: 3 credits
    • Additional Science or Social Studies (choice): 1 credit
    • Physical Education: 1 credit
    • Health: 0.5 credits
    • World Language: 2 credits
    • Career Pathway: 3 credits
    • Electives: 4.5 credits
    • Senior Research and Community Service (required, see notes below)


    Total Credits Required: 26 credits
  • Community Service Requirement

    Beginning in the 2019-20 school year, community service will be highly encouraged but not mandatory. Current students who have earned community service hours will be able to document those hours on their resume and Student Success Plans.
    Additionally, students are encouraged to pursue the Delaware Volunteer Credit (DVC) by completing 90 hours of community service during two semesters in high school. This one elective credit can be used towards graduation. Students who receive the credit will earn a certificate of appreciation signed by the Governor and the Secretary of the Delaware Department of Education.

    Senior Research Paper Requirement

    Seniors are required to complete a comprehensive senior research paper through the English 12 class that will entail research, learning the process of drafting and writing an APA format research paper, the development of a product, and an oral presentation. This project will have a cross-disciplinary focus. The completion of the senior project is mandatory for graduation.

    Student Success Plan

    The Student Success Plan (SSP) is a document that helps students set short-term and long-term goals, explore careers, identify colleges or post-secondary schools of interest and develop a plan for achieving these future goals. This plan must be reviewed with a counselor or advisor and by the parent or guardian annually. Please see your school counselor for more information.