Academic Packets (March 16 - March 27)

  • Free or Low Cost Internet Options Optional Learning Packets

    The resources below are meant to provide students with an opportunity to practice previously learned skills while schools are closed. 

    We ask that your child practice their skills by working on these resources daily. Students should complete the packet to the best of their ability. Students should work at their own pace and can receive support from family members.

    If students reach a point of frustration, please stop and move on.

    We also encourage our students to read daily for a minimum of 30 minutes per day. Completion of these activities will help maintain your child's academic progress until school reopens.

    Download a SAMPLE Home Academic Schedule

    ** Newly Added Content: Learning Choice Boards (see below) **

  • Printed packets will be available for pick up at Food Distribution Sites. The printed packets are the same as the online packets.