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November 14 Update

November 14 Update


As a follow-up to my message on Thursday, November 10, we want to share with you information we received yesterday from the Delaware Department of Education and Delaware Division of Public Health. The attached letter from Secretary Mark Holodick (DOE) and Secretary Molly Magarik (DPH), will provide more background on the recent lead testing in Delaware schools. There is also an opportunity to hear more tonight at the Town Hall Meeting. Don’t forget to register.

Town Hall Meeting Tonight: Nov 14

More Information About Sampling Results

This information will be distributed this afternoon to families by hard copy, email, and social media. Also, you may visit our website for more details, We want to make sure our school community is receiving the correct information.

We will continue to work closely with DOE and DPH to ensure the health and well-being of our students and staff.



November 10 Update

Our District has been notified by the Department of Education (DOE) that they received updated guidance from the EPA regarding the lead water testing results. This guidance added additional water sources to be reviewed based on a lower threshold.

While the EPA is confirming the process and the results for these additional sources, we are being advised to shut down additional fixtures. The following schools have fixtures that were identified yesterday: Glasgow High School (3 additional fixtures), Newark High School (1 additional fixture) and Wilson Elementary School (3 additional fixtures).

These newly identified fixtures were shut down today. They had previously been identified for further review by the Division of Public Health (DPH) and had additional testing done; however, there was no action required or recommended for these fixtures until yesterday. There were three fixtures identified at Wilson Elementary that tested above the initial threshold and were shut down earlier this year as recommended. These fixtures have been replaced with the recommended filtration and were installed per the guidelines of DPH.

Our Facilities Department will continue to work closely with EPA officials and follow the guidance of the DPH and DOE on this issue. We will keep you informed of any updates. State officials are also working on communication-related to this new guidance that is impacting schools statewide. However, we want to make you aware of this important development as soon as possible.

The Christina School District is committed to protecting the health of students and staff and will take immediate action to resolve your concerns.