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Peer Review Committee Advisory Statement

The Delaware Administrative Code requires a Peer Review Committee. The Peer Review Committee meets regularly to review the behavior management procedures used with students in education programs throughout Delaware to make sure they are appropriate and ethical. The education programs try to resolve behavior challenges using positive approaches and least intrusive methods. However, in emergency situations, the programs may need to move to more intrusive procedures. The Peer Review Committee has approved the attached list of procedures the programs are permitted to use in emergency situations. If any of these procedures is used with your child, the program will notify you. In addition, the Peer Review Committee regularly reviews use of each emergency procedure to make sure it has been implemented in a safe and necessary manner and recommends alternative procedures. If you have concerns with anything on the attached lists, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

See attachments below:

PRC Advisory Statement     PRC Procedural Descriptions

Mary Whitfield, Ed.D., BCBA
Statewide Director, Autism Programs