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We Need Your Input!

The Christina School District is seeking your input on the draft academic calendars for the 2021-2022 school year.

The calendars represent two options; starting the school year before Labor Day for the Extended and Traditional School year and starting after Labor Day for the Extended and Traditional School Year. The calendars contain important date information that students, parents, and staff may need during the school year to plan appointments, vacations, etc.  

A feedback form has been developed for you to share suggested revisions and changes. The feedback form will be open through Thursday, March 4th.  

Submit Calendar Feedback

Our District calendar committee will review all of the responses and make a recommendation for the FINAL Calendar draft that will be shared with the Christina School District Board of Education at the school board meeting on Tuesday, March 9th. We will do our best to incorporate the suggestions received and make a decision that best fits the needs of students, staff, and families.