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9/8/2020-1st day of School information

Information for 9/8/2020


What should my child do on the first school day September 8, 2020?


  1. Take a deep breath! Everything will be o.k. and we are here to help. Please note that the opening days of school are designed to meet your child and to build community in the classroom.
  2. Student Schedules can be obtained via Home Access Center or HAC. Your child should go to the class Period 1 (MP 1 and MP 2) Cycle A.
  3. Your child should log in to Clever using their school email and student ID number.
    1. Login help for clever. Click on quick guide and login information for remote learning. (Clever is where Schoology is housed and Zoom links for accessing the classroom lessons)
  4. We will be following a Blue Day Schedule on Tuesday, September 8, 2020
    1. September Calendar remote learning.
  5. No Device. We will have printable packets available for any student in 6th grade who needs a packet. Students will also be able to dial into our zoom classrooms should technology fail or the student does not have a device. Students without a device will NOT be penalized for work, but we do need to make sure we are communicating a need for a device with our team.
    1. 6th-grade packet(click here to print)

If you need support, please contact our Gauger Support team. We are excited to see you all on Tuesday! Have a great weekend!


Sean Mulrine


Gauger-Cobbs Middle School