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A Marshall Student Leads by Caring

 We are very happy to share an extraordinary display of leadership demonstrated by one of our Marshall Scholars, Maanya Pochareddy. Maanya is a 4th grader who saw a need to support members of the community who are in need of food. She approached our AAP Teacher Mrs. Liles Puleo, with a plan to conduct a food drive.


From there, Marshall hosted a canned food drive to support the Food Bank of Delaware.  Canned foods were colected into barrels that were located in our lobby and each pod of the school.  Online donations were also made.  The Marshall Food Drive was conducted for the month of March until the 31st.  Speaking of March 31st:  from 3pm-4pm we also held a drive through in the school parking lot to drop off those last-minute donations to the Food Bank.   


I can’t tell you how proud we are of Maanya for making such a positive difference in the community and leading by example on such a worthy cause to help others who may be less fortunate.