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Trudy Small Named Christina's 2023-2024 Behavioral Health Professional of the Year!

Collage of group photos with Christina School District's BHPOY Trudy Small and District and Downes ES leaders.

Trudy is the proud school nurse of Downes Elementary School.  As a BSN registered nurse graduate of Delaware State University, Trudy has been a member of the healthcare profession for over 32 years.  She is committed to ensuring the well-being of all who enter her office.  She is passionate about providing compassionate and quality care to students and staff while remaining mindful of their individual preferences and needs. 

The BHPOY Award is given to school employees who are health care practitioners or human service providers who offer services for improving an individual's mental health.  School employees include school counselors, school social workers, licensed clinical social workers, school psychologists, and school nurses. Eligibility includes: at least three years experience as a behavioral health professional, certification, or licensure credential through the Department of Education and/or the Professional Regulation Board, and must continue to serve in a behavioral health position for the award year.

Trudy will represent Christina in Delaware's Behavioral Health Professional of the Year Program, in which the state will choose one person annually.

Congratulations to Trudy for this outstanding honor and to all of our nominated staff.

  • Andrew Feldman, School Counselor
  • Katherine Hunt, School Counselor
  • Kathryn Bailey, School Counselor
  • Nadia Williams, School Counselor
  • Mary McMeekin, School Counselor
  • Jessica Clendaniel, School Counselor
  • Atiya Chase, School Counselor
  • Erin Fahnoe, School Counselor
  • Jasmin Dixon, School Counselor
  • Leah Oliver-Kuykendall, School Counselor
  • Naomi Boutros, School Counselor
  • Aubrey Rogers, School Nurse
  • Mary (Beth) Miller, School Nurse
  • Gina Wedel, School Nurse
  • Joy Allen-Coleman, School Nurse
  • Lydia Henry, School Nurse
  • Trudy Small, School Nurse
  • Lauren Bredickas, School Psychologist
  • Deborah Stephens, School Psychologist
  • Amy Lowe, School Psychologist
  • Kathryn O'Brien Mackie, School Psychologist
  • Jennifer Balkie, School Psychologist
  • Karlyn DeMaris, School Psychologist
  • Sean Scott, School Psychologist
  • Alison Lawrence, School Psychologist/BA
  • Holden Ray, School Psychologist
  • Brittany Hazlett, Social Worker
  • Denise Fuller, Social Worker
  • Diana Dolan-Beulah, Social Worker
  • Kimberly Jackson, Social Worker
  • Mark Thompson, Social Worker