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CSD Staff: COVID-19 Testing

Dear Christina Staff,

In an effort to ensure the Health and Wellness of the Christina community, the CSD Health and Wellness Committee, in collaboration with Superintendent, Dr. Shelton, CEA leadership, and the State of Delaware, are asking ALL employees to complete COVID-19 testing. You should have or will receive an email from Bob Vacca asking you to complete the process. Please review the attached document and follow the steps in the email from Mr. Vacca.  

Quick Tip: Use Chrome or Microsoft Edge to access the link to complete the testing process.  Internet Explorer will not work. Do not forward your email from Mr. Vacca, it contains a unique identifier just for you.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for ensuring the safety of our entire Christina community. If you have any technical difficulties requesting your kit, please contact Bob Vacca by email at