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Administrative Updates: September 2020

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Dr. Deirdra Aikens
Deputy Assistant Superintendent & Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Aikens has been a part of the Christina School District family for more than 25 years.  She has served in many roles, such as Teacher, Dean, Assistant Principal, Principal, and Senior Director. Additionally, Dr. Aikens is a data coach, an advocate for public education, and a champion for school improvement.

Effective date: August 12, 2020


Nakia Fambro
Administrator, Adult Education Programs

Nakia is a14 year educator. Her experience includes five years of classroom teaching experience, one year as a Dean of Students, and eight years as an Assistant Principal.

Effective date: October 5, 2020


Brandie Foxx
Principal, Leasure Elementary School

Brandie is a 19-year educator with 13 years in Christina School District. Her experience includes 10 years of classroom teaching experience, four years as an Instruction Coach and the past three years as the Assistant Principal at Gallaher Elementary School. Additionally, Foxx has also served as the interim Principal at Jones Elementary.

Effective date: September 9, 2020


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