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Week of April 19 - 23 :: Sequence #3


Beginning Monday September 21, as recommended by Department of Health and Social Services, we will rotate 25% of our staff through the testing process every week for 4 weeks.  We will then simply repeat this process throughout the school year.  As an example, people who are Sequence 1 will repeat on October 19, Sequence 2 on October 26, Sequence 3 on November 2 and Sequence 4 on November 9.  We plan to follow this process through the end of the school year.   You will test on the week number that corresponds to your personal Sequence #

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you are experiencing symptoms, please don’t wait for your sequence. Contact your health professional and go online to request a Self-Test Kit.

Week #

Week Date

1 Monday, April 5
2 Monday, April 12
3 Monday, April 19
4 Monday, April 26


COVID-19: Obtain Your Self-Test Kit

Obtaining your new self-test kit is a two-step process:

Step 1. Go to to request a prepaid link.

Step 2. Use the new link to go to the Health Vault website and request your new test kit.


Get Tested, Delaware

There are permanent and temporary testing sites throughout Delaware.