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Janene Ebaugh Named Christina School District Nurse of the Year

Janene Ebaugh MSN, RN (Registered Nurse), NCSN, School Nurse at Brader Elementary School, has been named the Christina School District Nurse of the Year, 2022-2023. Janene has been a Registered Nurse for 25 years and has worked in the Christina School District for nine years. Before Christina, Janene worked in Emergency nursing, OR nursing, Orthopedic nursing and earned a Master of Science Degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner. 

Janene is committed to the health and wellness of the students and staff at Brader Elementary and adheres closely to the NASN (National Association of School Nurses), Framework for the 21st Century. The framework includes Care Coordination, Leadership, Community/Public Health, and Quality Improvement. 

Care Coordination: Janene uses games, and she has her students, who are diabetics or asthmatics, teach her how to use an inhaler or insulin pen. Fun activities as the students are learning. 

Leadership: DSNA (Delaware School Nurse Association) Communication Committee, Asst. Covid Coordinator for CSD (Christina School District), Brader’s Wellness Committee Chair, Schoology Coordinator for Nurses, CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) Instructor, CSD Lead Mentor, Lead Nurse coverage 

Community/Public Health: Janene started Girls on the Run in 2014 At Brader, collaborated with Neighbor’s Love to provide school supplies, water and snacks, incorporated Delaware Smile Check, and Vision to Learn for glasses for all students. Janene has also received grants from Donor’s Choice.  This grant provided an outside classroom during the pandemic to provide spacing and fresh air for the students. 

Quality improvement: Janene is goal driven, and aspires to provide the best for students, staff, and other nurses.  Janene has written standardized Individualized Healthcare Plans for the CSD nurses and manages all CSD nurse resources on Google.  Janene shares her wealth of nursing knowledge with all nurses.  

As the Lead Nurse for CSD, Janene Ebaugh MSN, RN, NCSN, is a true inspiration to School Nursing Practice. Janene displays Nursing Excellence in every area of her Practice at Brader Elementary. We are honored to have Janene as a true professional in Brader Elementary, as part of the CSD Nursing team, and most importantly, a true leader in the CSD community. 


Join Us in Celebrating Janene’s Achievement.