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Michelle Cain Named Christina's 2022-23 Behavioral Health Professional of the Year!

Michelle CainPlease join us in recognizing Michelle Cain, Ed.S., NCSP, as Christina School District’s 2022-23 Behavioral Health Professional of the Year.  Michelle was described as an “essential part of the Christiana team. Students, families, and staff benefit daily from her devotion to what is best for her students. She goes above and beyond to create opportunities for growth with the students she works with.”

The BHP Award is given to school employees who are health care practitioners or human service providers who offer services for improving an individual’s mental health. School employees include school counselors, school social workers, licensed clinical social workers, school psychologists, and school nurses. Eligibility includes: at least three years’ experience, certification, or licensure credential through the Department of Education and/or the Professional Regulation Board and must continue to serve in a behavioral health position for the award year.

Michelle will represent Christina in Delaware’s Behavioral Health Professional of the Year Program, in which the state will choose one person annually.

In 2021, the Delaware State Behavioral Health Professional (BHP) of the Year Program was established under House Bill 35 of the 151st General Assembly. The Delaware Department of Education drafted Regulation 239 to implement the program and establish policies and procedures for the award. The first state winner will be selected in June 2022 to serve as the 2023 Delaware Behavioral Health Professional of the Year.

Congratulations to all of our staff who were nominated.

  • Faith Drobinski, School Counselor
  • Andrew Feldmann, School Counselor
  • Tiffany Ford, School Nurse
  • Josh Hathaway, School Counselor
  • Theresa Hoffman, School Nurse
  • Kimberly Jackson, Social Worker
  • Karen Knight, School Counselor
  • Cristina Kraiter, School Nurse
  • Amber Logan, School Counselor
  • Amy Lowe, School Psychologist
  • Karen McDonald, School Nurse
  • Gabrielle Mensah, Social Worker
  • Grace Walker, School Counselor
  • Kathryn OBrien Mackie, School Psychologist
  • Ryan Pommerening, School Psychologist
  • Tylesha Rumley, School Counselor
  • Trudy Small, School Nurse
  • Jerome Smith, School Psychologist
  • Deborah Stephens, School Psychologist
  • Terri Wallace, School Nurse