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Open Enrollment May 2 thru May 18, 2022

Open Enrollment for the State of Delaware and the Christina School District begins Monday May 2 and runs through Wednesday May 18, 2022. This email contains all the information you need to complete this year’s process.

This will be your only opportunity to make changes for the upcoming plan year unless you experience a life event.  During the Open Enrollment period, you will be able to review your benefits and make changes online through the State Employee Self Service web page.  Please review your needs and select the plans that make the most sense for you. 

Please note:   Effective 07/01/22 Christina's dental premiums (rates) will increase and State health plan premiums (rates) will increase for the first time since July 2016.

The Open Enrollment Guidevideo is intended to provide you with important information you need to know and what actions you need to take during Open Enrollment. It is brief (approximately 20 minutes) and easy to follow. 

Under “Additional Online Courses” you will also find links to the following informative videos:

How to Select a Health Plan (approx. 19 minutes in length)

Choosing the Right Care (approx. 19 minutes in length)

Spousal Coordination of Benefits (approx. 10 minutes in length)

FY23 Flexible Spending Account (FSA) (approximately 15 minutes in length)

The other Open Enrollment videos include a review of each of the four health plans available through the State of Delaware and Spousal/Dependent Coordination of Benefits.  These videos are optional; however, each has been developed to provide employees with additional details that you may find valuable to your decision making during Open Enrollment.

Christina Benefits Cost Calculator - Before you login to eBenefits, use our Benefits Cost Calculator to help you select the plans that best fit your budget.

We are asking everyone including employees who plan to retire July 1, 2022 to Actively Participate. Those employees retiring July 1, 2022, should “Waive” all coverage during open enrollment.

If you need general enrollment assistance or have questions regarding your State health plan selection, please go to the State Open Enrollment Webpage, or call (800)489-8933.

If you have Christina Benefit Plan questions or need help, please contact the District Benefits Office.