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Major Change to Home Access Center

Dear Staff,

Over the weekend DOE Upgraded eSchoolPLUS.  This upgrade includes a major change in regards to Home Access Center (HAC) passwords for students and guardians.  The changes were made by the vendor to strengthen security.  This is part of a continuing effort by the vendor to follow industry security standards.  By making the change, it means that access to your student information is as safe and secure as possible.   If you currently have access to view student or guardian HAC information in eSchoolPLUS, you will experience the following changes:

  • Home Access Center passwords will no longer be visible in free text anywhere within the eSchoolPlus software.  They will now be shown with asterisks covering the password.  (You will no longer be able to see them.)
  • Existing passwords will remain the same and can still be used by parents and students, but they will be encrypted in the database using the new methodology.
  • Once passwords are encrypted and stored in the database, they cannot be translated back to the original entry.  (They will never be visible again.)
  • The workflow for parents and students for self-registration and forgotten passwords will change, but be similar to the current process.
  • You will not be able to generate any lists in eSchoolPlus, Cognos, or any other applications that displays the passwords.  (Existing reports that currently show HAC passwords will still be available to run, but will no longer show you the password.)
  • You will no longer be able to use Cognos to generate Home Access Center letters to parents showing their password.  We can generate a letter with a user name and instructions for parents to login or reset their passwords, but we can longer include the password.

 I am attaching a list of FAQ’s that may answer some of your questions.  Please read through them thoroughly.  In the near future, I will be making changes to the Home Access Center User Guides for schools and parents to incorporate the changes.  I will post them to Schoology once they have been completed.  I will also send the parent guides to Latasha to be posted on the website.  Please do not submit any tickets until the documentation has been posted to Schoology.  If after all the documentation is posted, you still have questions, please submit a technology ticket for help regarding this matter.


Laura Lewonas

Attachment: eSchoolPlus Home Access Center Password Change FAQ