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EdAccess Replaces IMS

As you all are aware, DOE’s IMS application was replaced with EDAccess over the weekend.  Many reminders have been issued over the past few weeks, now the day has finally come.  Attached is important information about the new system.  If you have questions about EDAccess or are having problems, please read over the information carefully before submitting a Christina technology ticket.  Most of your questions should be answered in this document.  If you still need help after reviewing the document, please feel free to submit a Christina Techology ticket.



If you have read through the entire EDAccess FAQ document and you still need help with the new system, please submit a Christina School District technology ticket.  Please include a phone number that we can reach you on in the ticket description.  Please be very specific about what is happening.  This will make it easier for us to help you.  Below are some examples of what to do and what not to do. 



1.)  “I can’t get into the new system”. 

2.)  “The new system won’t let me in”

3.)  “It won’t open”.



1.)  “I tried logging in to the new system, but when I submit my information I get an error message.  The error message says:..(add exact error message)……..”

2.)  “I was able to login to EDAccess, but when I try click on eSchool, I can’t get into that application.  The message says……(add exact message)…”

3.)  “I was able to get in to EDAccess, but when I try to access PowerSchool IEP, the following happens…(explain what happens)….”


Internet Explorer Update

EDAccess will not work with Internet Explorer.  You must use Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Safari.  At this time, I personally am recommending Edge or Firefox over Chrome as Chrome has issues when using eSchool TAC (Teacher Access Center).  In the past, we have had issues with Chrome losing data in TAC.