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Technical Support

Robert Goff, Manager

  • Manages day to day operations of the Technology Department
  • Assists team members in their assigned duties

Cara Lightfoot-Merrill, Secretary

Infrastructure Networking

  • Joe Kite, Lead Engineer -Manages Network, data bases, mobile devices, network security
  • Nishat Sompura, Network Analyst - Supports the network and phone support
  • Alex Lewonas, Mobile Support - Supports mobile devices

Desktop Support (Installation of hardware and software)

  • Mark Mass
  • Eldon Lingg
  • Jacob Neal
  • Carl Rambo

Applications Support / Telephones

  • Sandra Pecoraio

Student Information Systems

  • Alfred Hall, Programmer, Applications support - Manages data driven initiatives and SIS, IMS and DSC
  • Laura Lewonas - eSchool Administrator, Applications support - Manages SIS and all student date information, IMS
  • Susan Herschkowitz, Accounts Administrator, Applications support - Supports data driven technologies, SIS and district account creation, deletion and maintenance