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Brookside Plants Fall Garden!

As part of our Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids program our kindergarten and first grade students planted our fall garden. We were able to plant because the second graders prepared the soil. Now the third graders will water our crop of turnips, radishes, chard and lettuce. 

At six and eight weeks our 4th and 5th graders will harvest the garden and our friends who work in the cafeteria will make all our students a delicious salad or two!

We love our garden and send out our thanks and gratitude to the founder of Healthy Foods for Healthy Kids, Thianda Manzara and our Master Gardener, Lois Ashworth. Without you none of this hands-on learning would be possible.


Submitted by Brookside Elementary School first grade teacher Maria duPont.


Students in the garden

students in the brookside garden

students in the school garden

students in the garden