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Christina Employee Champions of the Year!

 Christina Employee Champions of the Year! Please congratulate the following employees for being selected as the Christina School District 2020-2021 Employee Champions of the Year in their category!

  • Alice Williams
    Smith Elementary School
    Secretarial Employee Champion of the Year
    Educational Support Professional of The Year

New This Year! Christina School District selected an Employee Champion as its District Educational Support Professional of the Year. This individual will be in the running to be named the State Educational Support Professional of the Year by the Delaware Department of Education.

  • Cherell Hawkes-Daniels
    Oberle Elementary School
    Paraprofessional Employee Champion of the Year

  • Reginald Rogers
    The Bancroft School
    Custodial/Maintenance Employee Champion of the Year

  • Andrea Thompson
    West Park Place Elementary School
    Child Nutrition Services Employee Champion of the Year

  • John Wise
    Lane Transportation Center
    Transportation Employee Champion of the Year


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Thank you to all who nominated an employee for this special award. The following eligible individuals were nominated for each category:

Child Nutrition Services:

  • Holly Hudson, Gallaher Elementary School
  • Deborah Johnson-Hargrove, Brookside Elementary School
  • Nicole Perkins, Gauger-Cobbs Middle School
  • Sharon White, Bayard School


  • Karen Butler, The Bancroft School
  • Ronald Butler, Gauger-Cobbs Middle School
  • Curtis Conner, West Park Place Elementary School
  • Maria Figueroa, Brennen School
  • Maritza Gonzalez Frink, Wilson Elementary School
  • David Handlin, Eden Support Services Center
  • Brian Henderson, Christiana High School
  • Valerie Henderson-Nowlin, Christiana High School / Middle School Honors Academy
  • Antoinette Kwoka-Shehan, Oberle Elementary School
  • Robert Lewis, The Bayard School
  • Tammy Nicholson, Eden Support Services Center
  • Natalya Nuyanzina, Marshall Elementary School
  • Tomas Perez, The Bancroft School
  • Rosaura Ramos, Jones Elementary School
  • Theresa Richardson, Downes Elementary School
  • Charles Roberts, Shue-Medill Middle School
  • Emmanuel Rodriguez Moyeno, Oberle Elementary School
  • Joanne Scott, Gallaher Elementary School
  • Svetlana Venkova, Smith Elementary School


  • Nichole Almeroth, Brennen School / DAP
  • Deborah Bittner, Brennen School / DAP
  • Bonnie Campbell, Downes Elementary School
  • Natalie Carr, West Park Place Elementary School
  • Danielle Curley, Leasure Elementary School
  • Gerald Dawson, Gauger-Cobbs Middle School
  • Tedi Dessin,  Brennen School / DAP
  • Dorothy DiCampli, Marshall Elementary School
  • Clara Doyle, Leasure Elementary School
  • Alecia Fox, Smith Elementary School
  • Kaelynn Freel, Brookside Elementary School
  • Samantha Hawk Lonergan, Stubbs Early Education Center
  • Regina Hay, Kirk Middle School
  • Christine Hidinger, Smith Elementary School
  • Catherine Homlish, Brennen School / DAP
  • Crystal Jackson, The Bayard School
  • Holly Lambert, Christina Early Education Center
  • Melissa Lawson, Brookside Elementary School
  • Charles Leonard, Newark High School
  • Kevin Lucas, The Bayard School
  • Theodore McGonigle, Shue-Medill Middle School
  • Robert Novy, Brennen School / DAP
  • Wendy O’Connor, Christina Early Education Center
  • Lori Oliver, Brennen School / DAP
  • Kristen O’Neal, Brennen School / DAP
  • Melissa Ozor, Christiana High School
  • Briana Priest, Newark High School
  • Tarik Robinson, Gauger-Cobbs Middle School
  • Ramona Rodriguez, The Bayard School
  • Sandra Romero, Wilson Elementary School
  • Rebecca Ruiz, Brennen School / DAP
  • Deborah Schrass, Smith Elementary School
  • Andrea Shannon, Brennen School / DAP
  • Afton Shekiro, Downes Elementary School
  • Ellen Stevenson, Brennen School / DAP
  • Rene Stimmel, Marshall Elementary School
  • Patricia Storch, Brookside Elementary School
  • LindaLee Thompson, The Bancroft School
  • Shannon Waldman, Brader Elementary School
  • Nicole Williams, Gallaher Elementary School


  • Kim Benson, Shue-Medill Middle School
  • Krista Crumlish, Stubbs Early Education Center
  • Deborah Delle Donne, The Bancroft School
  • Alyce Derr, Gauger-Cobbs Middle School
  • Ruth Ann DiSabatino, Maclary Elementary School
  • Kristi Horkey, Brennen School
  • Devonne Johnson, Brader Elementary School
  • Ann Marie Mikolajewski, Christiana High School
  • Susan Parlier, Brennen School
  • Loretta Reeder, Oberle Elementary School
  • Toni Russum, The Bancroft School
  • Sylvia Vasquez, Oberle Elementary School


  • Lisa Reed, Lane Transportation Center