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We have a new logo!

The Bayard School logo

We are thrilled to announce that The Bayard School has a brand new logo! This logo represents the merging of our 1st-8th grade students into one unified school community.

After careful consideration and feedback from our students, faculty, and parents, we decided to create a new logo that would symbolize our school's values and spirit. We wanted something that would be a source of pride and unity for everyone.

During the design process, we explored various options, including different bulldog designs. Some were deemed "too cute" and others were thought to be "too angry." After much discussion, we are delighted to share our new bulldog logo, which we believe strikes a perfect balance and serves as a compromise that resonates with our entire community.

We hope this new logo will become a symbol of our shared commitment to excellence, inclusivity, and growth. It represents the strength and determination of our students as they progress through their educational journey at The Bayard School.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who provided input and participated in our logo selection process. Your valuable feedback and collaboration have been instrumental in shaping the final design.

As we begin this new chapter with our updated logo, we look forward to continuing to foster a positive and supportive environment for our students to learn and grow.

Thank you for your ongoing support and dedication to The Bayard School community.