Who We Are

  • TStudents in a classroom he REACH Program provides an excellent education for students from 2-1/2 to 21 years of age with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities.

    We offer our specialized program in 18 classrooms located in 12 schools throughout the Christina School District.

    Vision Statement
    To empower and enrich our students to REACH their full potential, gain independence and live productive lives within the community.

    Mission Statement
    To support students, staff and parents by using multi-sensory engaging activities and applied academics, daily living and vocational skills providing opportunities to develop effective communication skills offering support to families while building partnerships within the community

What Sets Us Apart

  • Student using assistive device in classroom To help students succeed in real life, educational, and vocational situations, they are assigned to age-appropriate classrooms and/or vocational settings. The classroom programs are an integral part of the total school community, involving a high degree of interaction with age-appropriate peers.

Exemplary Programs

  • Exemplary Programs Academic programs aligned to the Common Core Standards

    • Activities of Daily Living
    • Community-Based Training
    • Transition to Adulthood
    • Behavior Support
    • Therapeutic Services