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Exciting News: Meet the 2024-2025 Building Teachers of the Year for Christina School District!

2024-2025 Teacher of the Year

Christina School District is thrilled to announce our 2024-2025 Building Teachers of the Year! Congratulations to these exceptional educators for their unwavering commitment and dedication. Each Teacher of the Year is now a contender for the prestigious title of CSD District Teacher of the Year. Stay tuned for the exciting announcement this May as we reveal our 2024-2025 CSD District TOY!


  • The Bancroft School - Valerie Jermusyk
  • The Bayard School - Selene Ramseur
  • Brader (Henry M.) Elementary School - Meighan Baker
  • Brennen School (The) - Donna Cain
  • Brookside Elementary School - David Isaac
  • Christiana High School & Vikings Campus - Theresa Trainer
  • Christina Early Education Center - Christine (Chris) Miller
  • Delaware School for the Deaf School (DSD) - Mrs. Elizabeth Smith
  • Downes (John R.) Elementary School - Rhonda Seagraves
  • Gallaher (Robert S.) Elementary School - Jaclyn Coughlin
  • Gauger-Cobbs Middle School - Monica Wise
  • Glasgow High School - Miranda Nurse
  • Jones (Albert H.) Elementary School - Jenev Morris Burton
  • Keene (William B.) Elementary School - Jean Tucker
  • Kirk (George V.) Middle School - Suyapa Yanes
  • Leasure (May B.) Elementary School - Amy Brelick
  • Maclary (R. Elisabeth) Elementary School - Lisa Lemmon
  • Marshall (Thurgood) Elementary School - Stacey DiIenno
  • McVey (Joseph M.) Elementary School - Bethany Leydic
  • Networks School for Employability Skills - Suzanne Carew
  • Newark High School - Glenn Feeny
  • Oberle (William) Elementary School - Angela Brown
  • Pulaski Early Education Center - Tia Live-Joseph
  • Sarah Pyle Academy - Shannon Johnson
  • Shue-Medill Middle School - Christina James
  • Smith (Jennie E.) Elementary School - Caroline Szewczyk
  • Stubbs Early Education Center - Tonya Jones
  • West Park Place Elementary School - Melissa Soyer
  • Wilson (Etta J.) Elementary School - Elizabeth Van Aulen