Uniform Dress Code

  • All Christina School District (CSD) middle schools and select elementary schools participate in the school uniform program.

    In many public school districts where uniform dress codes have been established, school officials have found that school uniforms:

    • enhance school safety
    • improve the learning environment
    • bridged socioeconomic differences between children
    • promoted good behavior
    • improved children's self-respect and self-esteem
    • produced cost savings for participating families

    The decision to implement a uniform code is about equity and high standards of achievement. In order for our students to reach the high standards we have set for them, we must create environments where they receive challenging instruction, and are held accountable for their dress, behavior, and personal success.

    (Please note: if necessary, we will provide sensory-friendly options for our students).

  • Pants 

    Navy, or Tan dress or cotton pants. (Sweat pants and blue denim jeans are not permitted.)

    Skirts, Dresses Jumpers, or Skorts

    Navy or Tan; Blouse or collared shirt must be worn under the jumper


    Navy or Tan; All knee length; (Denim jean shorts are not permitted)


    Golf/Polo type collared shirt; Light Blue or Navy; No logos

    Sweatshirt, Vest or Sweaters (optional)

    Navy or Light blue;  Can be pullover, buttoned, or zippered


    Footwear must be closed toe and heel with a hard sole. Footwear must cover the entire foot. Sneakers are permitted.

    (No flip-flops, Slides  or Sandals)