Title I

  • What is Title I?
    Title I is the largest Federally funded program supporting academically at risk students in public and private schools. Through Title I, the Federal government allocates funds to school districts around the country based on the number of low-income families in each district. Each district uses it’s Title I funds to supplement the funds provided to schools. Schools use their Title I funds to improve the achievement of all children in their school. 
    How Are Schools Selected?
    If the level of poverty in a school is above federal guidelines the school is eligible to receive Title I funds. In keeping with our commitment to early intervention and helping all students to be skilled readers, Christina School District’s Title I program focuses on elementary schools. 
    How are the funds used?
    School-wide programs allow for the education of all students in high poverty schools (over 40% poverty) to be supported by Title I funds. In a school-wide program, Title I is no longer a distinct program, but is coordinated with other funds to drive improved achievement in the school. Funds may be used for the benefit of all children in the school. The Title I funds are spent on the strategies that are outlined in the school’s improvement plan (additional teachers, people to provide extra help, training for teachers, parent involvement activities). This plan is developed by doing a comprehensive needs assessment for the school, selecting research-based strategies, and periodically evaluating the results being obtained. If the results are not quite meeting the targets, the plan is changed. 
    How can you help?
    We welcome you and want your active participation. You can be a part of the decision making team that establishes and evaluates the school improvement plan to ensure the parent perspective is included. You can help determine the types of parental support programs that will be in your child’s school. You can come to parental events and mentor and volunteer. You can shape your schools parental involvement policy and school/parent/student compact that defines how we will all work together. You name it. We’ll take it.
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