Welcome to Kindergarten!

  • Now enrolling the class of 2033 for Kindergarten

    Will your child turn five by August 31? If so, it's time to register for Kindergarten! Kindergarten registration will be held at all Christina School District Elementary Schools.

    Families are encouraged to register early to allow the Transportation Department to more accurately plan bus stops and routes before the start of school.

How to Register for Kindergarten

  • Document Checklist

    (1) Birth Certificate (original or clear copy)

    (2) Current Immunization Records 

    (3) Proof of Residence - Full-page of a current utility bill, current signed and dated lease or signed and dated closing disclosure

    (4) Picture ID

School Choice for Kindergarten

  • Parents residing within Delaware may enroll their child in a public school in any school district regardless of the student's home address.  If you would like your child to attend a school other than your assigned school, you must apply for Delaware School Choice

    Parents choosing to send their child to a school other than your assigned school are responsible for transportation to the choice school or a bus stop on the school's route. Delaware School Choice information and applications are available online.

    School Choice for Kindergarten is open until the first day of school.

    How to Apply for Kindergarten School Choice

    1. Register your child for Kindergarten (follow the steps above)
    2. Apply Online for Kindergarten School Choice. Apply Here
  • Dual-Language Immersion

    Downes Elementary School offers language immersion in Mandarin Chinese for Kindergarten through 5th-grade students, where students learn academic content through a second language. Students will spend half of the school day immersed in English instruction, and half of the day in Chinese. Classes will have two teachers, one for each language, and will coexist with traditional instruction.

    To learn more about the Chinese Immersion program at Downes call 302-454-2133 or visit World Language Immersion.

  • Upcoming Events

    Families are invited to attend the following upcoming events to register for Kindergarten.

    * March 26, 5:30 p.m. - Bloom and Grow at Stubbs Early Education Center, 1100 N. Pine Street, Wilmington, DE

    * April 9, 5:30 p.m. - Family Fun Night at Keene Elementary School, 200 Corporal Stephen J. Ballard Way, Newark, DE

  • Kindergarten Highlights 

    * Free, Full-Time Kindergarten Program   
    * Bus Transportation   
    * Qualified, Dedicated Teaching Staff     
    * STEM   
    * Art & Music   
    * Standards-Based Instruction   
    * Advanced Academic Programs   
    * Physical Education 
    * Mandarin Chinese Immersion

Registration Times

School Name Start Time End Time
Bancroft School 9 am 2 pm
Bayard School 9 am 2 pm
Brader Elem. 10 am 2:30 pm
Brookside Elem. 9 am 3:30 pm
Downes Elem. 8:30 am 3 pm
Gallaher Elem. 8 am 4 pm
Jones Elem. 8 am 3:45 pm
Keene Elem. 8 am 3:30 pm
Leasure Elem. 8 am 3:15 pm
Maclary Elem. 8:30 am 3:30 pm
Marshall Elem. 8 am 3 pm
McVey Elem. 7:30-11:30 am 1:15-3 pm
Oberle Elem. 8:30 am 4 pm
Smith Elem. 7:30 am 3:30 pm
West Park Place Elem. 8 am 3 pm
Wilson Elem. 9 am 3 pm
  • For more information, please contact:

    Your Child's Assigned School (Schools and Program Directory) or Education Options, Christina School District, Drew Educational Support, 600 N. Lombard Street, Wilmington, DE 19801

    Phone: 302-552-2665  |  Fax: 302-429-4138