Application for Use of School Facilities

    1. Application for Use of School Facility may be obtained by completing the online Facility Rental Application form.
    2. Forms must be completed and submitted to the school facility the applicant desires to use at least ONE MONTH PRIOR to the requested date.
    3. The building administrator will review the application to determine if there are any scheduling conflicts with district/school use or other groups.  Student/school activities take precedence over any outside organization's use of facilities.
    4. The building administrator will approve or deny the usage and sign off on the request.  The application will be forwarded to the Facilities Department for final authorization.
    5. If the usage is approved at both levels, an invoice will be prepared and mailed to the requesting individual.  No district building may be used without signed, prior approval.  If the usage is denied, the individual will be notified in a timely manner by the building administrator.
    6. For more information regarding eligibility, rules and restrictions, costs and other use information, please feel free to contact the Eden Support Services Center, Facilities Maintenance at 302-454-2400 x43130.