Graduation Requirements

  • The State of Delaware requires all students complete a minimum of 24 credits to graduate; however, the Christina School District requires 26 credits for graduation.

    Graduation Requirements
    • English: 4 credits
    • Mathematics: 4 credits*
    • Science: 3 credits
    • Social Studies: 3 credits
    • Additional Science or Social Studies (choice): 1 credit
    • Physical Education: 1 credit
    • Health: 0.5 credits
    • World Language: 2 credits
    • Career Pathway: 3 credits
    • Electives: 4.5 credits
    • Senior Project and Student Success Plan (SSP)

    Total Credits Required: 26 credits

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  • Pathway Requirement

    The State of Delaware requires each student to complete three credits in a pathway in order to earn a high school diploma. This pathway should be included in the student’s education plan as part of their Student Success Plan (SSP).
    Each high school program has sequenced pathways in various programs of study that lead to innovative careers and a strong foundation that will prepare students for a variety of post high school majors. Although students can change pathways at any time, it is important that students consider their pathway early in their high school career. Since most pathways must be taken in sequence, it can be very difficult for students to get their credits if they don’t plan ahead. For more information on your student’s pathway, please talk to your school counselor.

    Senior Research Paper Requirement

    Seniors are required to complete a comprehensive research project that will entail research, learning the process of drafting and writing an APA format research paper, the development of a product, and an oral presentation. This project will have a cross-disciplinary focus. The completion of the senior project is mandatory for graduation

    Student Success Plan (SSP) Requirement

    Every Delaware student in grades 8-12 shall have a SSP based on exposure to the following:

    • Opportunities to learn about career and industry trends and earning potential, such as career speakers, work-based learning opportunities, career and technical student organization activities and career compass activities.
    • Opportunities to identify their strengths and interests connected to careers, such as Armed Services Vocational Attitude Battery and career interest surveys, as well as meetings with counselors, teachers, parents, guardians, care-givers at regular intervals to discuss student interests regarding careers.
    • Opportunities to identify educational and financial requirements related to potential career interests, such as college representative presentations, college visits, financial aid presentations and financial literacy classes.

    By the student’s final year of high school, the SSP shall identify the necessary steps to transition to the next phase of the student’s career plan.

    Middle School Credits

    High school credit will be granted for the following courses taken in middle school upon successful completion of the course:

    • French I
    • Integrated Mathematics I
    • Integrated Mathematics II
    • Spanish I

    High school credits earned while in middle school will be applied toward elective credits needed for graduation, but will not be included in the student’s grade point average (GPA). Please note that while these credits meet high school graduation requirements, they may not meet admissions requirements for students applying to four-year colleges after graduating high school. Some four-year colleges will not give consideration to middle school credits when looking at student transcripts for admissions. Students and parents should consult with a school counselor about admissions requirements prior to making decisions related to these course areas