Standards-Based Grading & Report Cards

  • K-5 Standards-Based Grading During the 2018-2019 school year, Christina School District shifted to a standards-based grading approach in kindergarten through grade 5. 
    The K-5 report card provides a more accurate view of a student’s progress in academic and behavioral areas. Factors like responsibility, participation, effort, and attendance are reported separately, and not as an indicator of a student’s academic performance.
    The report card fully aligns with the State of Delaware’s Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Math, the Delaware Social Studies State Standards and the Next Generation Science Standards.
    The scores on the report card do not reflect every standard taught and assessed during the school year. Rather, they reflect prioritized standards that are considered to be indicators of future academic success.

    The report card is designed to:

    • align with current state standards
    • reflect student progress towards grade-level standards
    • be unique to the grade and the standards of that grade
    • provide more objective evaluation according to consistent grade-level standards
    • separate academic progress and learner behaviors