Welcome to Christina!

  • Student who participated in the Cereal Drive The Christina School District is a Delaware public school system, serving more than 14,400 students and employing 2,600 people. Our district currently serves the City of Newark and its surrounding suburban areas as well as a portion of the City of Wilmington.

    Christina has 2 early education centers, 16 elementary schools, 2 elementary/middle schools, 3 middle schools, and 3 traditional comprehensive high schools. In addition, the District is home to the Brennen School (Delaware Autism Program), Delaware School for the Deaf, Douglass School, REACH Program, Middle School Honors Academy at Christiana High School, Networks School for Employability Skills, and Sarah Pyle Academy.

    Christina serves a diverse student and staff population and is proud to be part of the culturally and historically rich region of northern Delaware. In addition, the Christina School District is:

    • The recipient of numerous national, regional, and state commendations, including Blue Ribbon Schools, National Title I Schools, Presidential Awards for Mathematics and Science Teaching, National Merit Scholars, Fulbright Foundation Scholars, and many others. 

    • A district rich in teaching expertise, with the majority of teachers categorized as Highly Qualified. In addition, 45% of Christina teachers hold a master’s degree or higher.

    • A district focused on serving students and supporting classroom teachers. More than 85% of the District’s budget goes towards instructional services, and 15% goes toward instructional support. Additional funding is provided each year to support the arts in every school and to support co-curricular activities at all levels.

    • A leader in developing resources and policies that enhance and support student success, including the District Wellness Policy, School Bullying and Cyber-bullying Prevention Policy, the District Strategic Plan, Monthly District Data Reports, Online Checkbook, comprehensive online financial documents, paperless Board Governance, and digitally-recorded meetings.