• Join us for a show! Christina School District is pleased to announce its 2023 Spring Concert Series. Performances are free and open to the public.

  • The Christina School District recognizes the importance of the aesthetic experience in the total educational development of the child. The visual and performing arts educators of the Christina School District are committed to providing a rich learning environment in which each student may achieve their full potential.

  • Annual District Art Show

    Each year our schools come together for a district-wide art show at Gauger-Cobbs Middle School in Newark, DE to display more than 1,000 pieces of student artwork for the Christina community to view and enjoy. The Christina School District Annual District Art Show takes place every spring to showcase the outstanding artwork by our students in grades K–12. Pieces on display include ceramics, digital art, drawings, paintings, and photography.

  • Philosophy of Music Education

    “Music education in the public schools exists for the purpose of awakening and refining the aesthetic sensitivities of all children. The music program should develop music skills, understandings, and attitudes that will enable students to enjoy a richer life through listening to or participating in music experiences.”

  • Annual Band Concert

    All three Christina high schools, Christiana, Glasgow and Newark High, as well as Gauger-Cobbs, Kirk, and Shue-Medill Middle Schools perform together for our Annual Christina School District Band Concert.  All ensembles have two rehearsals prior to performing at the concert. The limited rehearsal time shows the outstanding music teaching that is occurring in the elementary and secondary schools and the hardworking students we have in the Christina School District. Our band directors do a great job of collaborating to make sure all students have a positive musical experience. Please join us at our next concert to experience the incredible musical talent of the students in the Christina School District.

    Check back for information about the 2023 District Band Concert.


    Join Us for a Show!
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