Elementary Advanced Academic Programs

  • AAdvanced Academic Elementary Students t the elementary level, the program focus will be on implementing lessons in critical and creative thinking for all students, identifying academically gifted students, meeting the needs of gifted students, and providing expanded levels of service. The assessment is unlike current assessments where background knowledge and vocabulary prevail. Students who demonstrate strengths in specific academic areas will receive additional instruction in those areas.

    • In grades K-5, all students will benefit from engaging lessons exploring a variety of critical and creative thinking strategies, and the identification process will be expanded to include student portfolios and a short cognitive abilities test that is designed to discover the level of student reasoning. 
    • In grades 3-5, students demonstrating advanced academic aptitude will receive expanded instruction and support, provided by certified Gifted and Talented teachers in small group or classroom settings.
  • LEVEL I: Nine Higher Order Thinking Strategies (based on de Bono, 9 Hats Theory)

  • LEVEL II: Differentiated Lessons in Areas of Academic Strengths

  • LEVEL III: Pull Out Advanced Academic Program

  • LEVEL IV: Pull Out Advanced Academic Program