Advanced Academic Programs (AAP)

  • Advanced Academic Programs at Christina School District include expanded Talented and Gifted programs in grades K-5, an advanced middle school Honors Program in grades 6-8, and increased opportunities for students to take challenging coursework and earn college credit in grades 9-12.
  • Elementary School Level - AAP

    At the elementary level, the focus will be on implementing lessons in critical and creative thinking for all students, identifying academically gifted students, meeting the needs of talented students, and providing expanded levels of service. 

    Middle School Level - AAP

    • The Bayard School offers an Honors Program for academically advanced students.

    • Middle School Honors Academy at Christiana High School offers a rigorous academic program that continuously challenges students to elevate their knowledge and skills.

    • Learn more about Middle School AAP

    High School Level - AAP

    • Christiana High School offers an Honors Academy for academically motivated students, which provides a rigorous academic program in 9th and 10th grade that prepares students to take Advanced Placement and college-level courses in 11th and 12th grade.

    • The Early College Leadership Academy at Glasgow High School offers Dual Enrollment opportunities with Wilmington University, as well as opportunities for students to gain hands-on leadership experience.

    • Learn more about High School AAP
  • Extra-Curricular Programs that support Advanced Academic Programs

    Music, Band, Orchestra, Drama, Chorus

    Honor Society

    Student Government

    Middle and High School Sports

    Advanced Placement (AP) History

    Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art

    Drama Club

    Academy of Creative Expression (ACE)

    Lego League

    Science Olympiad

    Meaningful Economics

    Student Clubs and Activities