• The Christina School District invites parents, business and civic leaders, and residents of our community with an interest in supporting the success of our students to consider becoming involved in a committee. These committees provide opportunities to volunteer and serve as valuable assets to our schools and communities.

    Citizen Budget Oversight Committee (CBOC) 

    The CBOC works in collaboration with the Board of Education to closely monitor the financial status of the school district and provide ongoing oversight.

    District Calendar Committee

    A committee charged with developing the annual school calendar for the district.

    District Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

    The District Parent Advisory Council (CSD-PAC) is comprised of parents from all district schools and programs, and is established to provide parental input on district activities.  The Council meets to discuss and review family involvement initiatives and to ensure that the District and schools are in compliance of the law.
    Contact: Ledonnis Hernandez
    Phone: (302) 552-2683

    District Review Committee for Naming of School Facilities 

    The District Review Committee for Naming of School Facilities meets to review, select and make recommendations to the Christina School District School Board on proposed names of new schools and, when appropriate, the renaming of an existing school.

    District Strategic Planning Committee

    The District Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for oversight of the Strategic Planning process.  The Committee develops, on behalf of and in consultation/collaboration with staff, students, parents, and community stakeholders, a strategic plan for the Christina School District.

    Wellness Policy Committee

    A group of district staff, teachers, students, parents, and community members that meet quarterly to assist in the implementation, coordination and evaluation of the Wellness Policy and its nutrition and physical activity for the entire school district community.

    Contact: Child Nutrition Services
    Phone: (302) 454-2400, ext. 43200