Asbestos Management Plan

    Christina School District Asbestos Management Plan
    On October 30, 1987, EPA published the Asbestos-Containing Materials in Schools Rule (40 CFR Part 764 Subpart E). This New Rule requires all public and private elementary and secondary schools to inspect for friable and non-friable asbestos, develop asbestos management plans that address hazards in school buildings, and implement response actions in a timely fashion.


    Even after years of abatement projects, many facilities across the State and within the Christina School District still contain ACM (Asbestos Containing Materials). Asbestos is a mineral that was widely used in building products such as flooring and thermal insulation materials, well before it was known about the dangers of asbestos fibers. Asbestos is no longer used in building products because of the dangerous health effects of breathing in airborne asbestos fibers. While asbestos is not dangerous in a dormant state, if the asbestos material is physically disturbed, then the dangerous fibers can be released into the air causing additional concerns. For that reason, the Districts in this State, including Christina, continue to include abatement of ACM wherever present during all renovation projects or when there is a concern that ACM will become a health concern to students & staff.
    Should the District be required to remove ACM from a school, the following steps are taken to ensure a safe environment for students & staff:
    1. All asbestos removal work and monitoring are done by licensed professionals.
    2. Any asbestos-related work will occur in unoccupied portions of the building.
    3. Areas of a District Facility where abatement is to be performed will have physical containment barriers installed.
    4. All abatement work is performed during school breaks, in the evenings or during the summer when students are not in the school.
    While asbestos is a cause for concern among all of us, it is not a new problem and has been around for many years. The Christina School District and the companies hired by the District to inspect or remove asbestos in our schools, have the qualifications, experience, and knowledge to manage the abatement with safety as our primary focus.


    Christina complies with Federal/State regulations requiring Districts to inspect and update reports identifying areas where Asbestos-containing materials are located in each facility. All required schools in the Christina School District are inspected by Batta Environmental Associates, Inc. Delaware Industrial Park, 6 Garfield Way, Newark, Delaware 19713. A copy of the AHERA Management Plan is on file and available for review in the Main Office of each school as well as in the Facilities Services located at 925 Bear-Corbitt Rd., Bear, DE 19701.


    Should you have any questions about asbestos abatement or our management plans please do not hesitate to contact Facilities Services (302) 454-2400.