Facilities Services

  • The Bayard School Building

  • Facilities Services 
    Christina School District
    Eden Support Services
    925 Bear-Corbitt Road
    Bear, DE  19701 

    Phone:  302-454-2400,
    ext. 43130
    Fax:  302-454-5440
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    Renovation Projects
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  • The Department of Facilities Services consists of many of the district's operational components: 
    • Maintenance (repairs and preventative maintenance)
    • Operations (Custodial Services and Grounds Maintenance); and, 
    • Capital Projects (new construction and renovations). 

    The  Facilities Services Department is responsible for approximately 2.8  million square feet of  physical space which consists of 40 buildings and over 500 acres of property
    The Christina School District's Facilities Services Department takes pride in its important role as a support service, providing safe, comfortable buildings for the District's students and staff.