School-Based Health Center (Life Health Center)

  • Christina School District offers School-Based Health Centers (SBHC) through a partnership with Life Health Center (LHC) at The Bancroft School and The Bayard School.

    In-School Health

    Because it's located right in school, the SBHC helps students overcome many obstacles to receiving good health care - obstacles such as lack of transportation, inconvenient appointment times, or worries about cost and confidentiality. Your SBHC provides comprehensive medical and mental health care, treatment and health education to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

    • Each SBHC is operated by a partnership that includes Life Health Center, Christina School District and the Delaware Division of Public Health, Department of Health and Social Services.  The Life Health Center's professional services include pediatric, behavioral and mental health, including prevention, and social services. In addition, LHC provides services at outpatient locations to whole families in an integrated health delivery system that focuses on the whole person and outcomes. 

    • The SBHC provides diagnosis and treatment and works with Primary Care Physicians to provide observations as well as receive direction for treatment when needed. The wellness center does not provide imaging, complex lab tests, or hospitalization. The wellness center works in conjunction with the school nurse for an Emergency Action Plan prescribed by the student’s PCP for Medical Conditions such as diabetes, asthma, and seizures, or any chronic condition.


    Health services that will be provided through LHC at various times throughout your student’s school week include, but are not limited to: 

    • COVID-19 Testing
    • Behavioral Health and prevention services
    • Individual and group counseling services
    • Assist and develop prevention strategies
    • Referral for assessments/evaluations as appropriate
    • Pediatric Services
    • Nurse practitioner to support the school nurse
    • To stabilize and assess acute cases
    • Connect to a Primary Provider
    • Social Services
    • Health insurance enrollment assistance
    • Make a referral to emergency services
    • Overall social benefits

    These services will ONLY apply to those students whose parents/guardians have given written or electronic permission for them to access them. 

    Enroll Today!

    The SBHC may receive referrals from school administration, PCP, or parents/guardians. Students must be enrolled by a parent or a legal guardian to sign a consent form. Parents must also submit a registration, release, and a Health Assessment History form. The completed forms must be received by the Wellness Center before any services will be provided.


    The SBHC adheres to all federal regulations governing and abides by HIPPA laws.


  • Life Health Center

  • All students enrolled at the school may use the SBHC regardless of income or health care coverage. You must be registered with the SBHC to use the services, and the registration link can be found below.