Family & Community Services

  • Christina Early Education Center serves families within the context of the community and recognizes the value of partnering with other agencies and organizations. The objective of community partnerships is to ensure ongoing collaboration with partners in the families’ communities. This ensures the highest level of services to children and creates a continuum of family centered services through advocating for a community that shares responsibility for the healthy development of children.


    Research indicates that to sustain children’s progress, they must be supported by their families and their communities. Numerous opportunities are provided for the involvement of family members and all parents of enrolled children are encouraged to participate in the full range of program and decision-making activities. As the primary educators of their children, and in cooperation with the teaching staff, parents are encouraged to reinforce skills their children have learned at school, and to inspire the development of new skills in the home environment. The level of parent involvement is based on each family’s schedule and level of obligation. We encourage parent involvement while recognizing that involvement may look different for each family.

    Jamee Catalano & Karen Vietri
    Family and Community Services Coordinators