Bancroft School History

  • William Bancroft The Bancroft School  (1925)

    William Poole Bancroft (1835-1928) was born of Quaker parents at Rockford, then a small village along the Brandywine, on July 12, 1835. His family was successful in the mill industry, where William worked starting at an early age.

    Mr. Bancroft contributed much to the City of Wilmington for education, recreational, and philanthropic purposes. He established the park system of Wilmington. Over half the land now comprising the parks of the city of Wilmington was a gift of William Bancroft. Through his generosity, the Wilmington Institute was made a free library.  He addressed housing, hospitals, homes for the aged and children, schools and colleges through his charity and generosity. He formed an organization, the Woodlawn Trustees, to ascertain that his work would continue after his death.  Mr. Bancroft died June 20, 1928.