Cooperative Education

  • The Networks' curriculum revolves around the teaching of the skills which employers have identified as being necessary to obtain and retain employment. All instruction is based on the following employability skills:

    • Independence
    • Pace
    • Quality
    • Tolerance for correction

    As students master these skills, they are referred to the Networks Cooperative Education staff to gain work experience in the community. Work experiences are supervised by job coaches and may take the form of volunteer experiences, internships, job trials and, ideally, paid employment.

    Community based work experiences extend career technical training from the "classroom into the community". Students are matched with business that align with their employment goals. Working in the community has opened doors for both part-time and full-time jobs for our students. In addition, businesses in the community are learning what Networks is all about. Networks continues to develop community partnerships in order to increase work experiences and career options for our students.